Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear overcompensated Union thugs

You have a Chicago political hack, a Democrat MINORITY leader in the House (who used to be a majority leader) all kinds of racebaitng extortionists, the DNC and probably your buddies the communist party all supporting you.

Guess what? There are A LOT more of us than their are of you.
You're not making a lot of friends where your money and votes come from.

Especially the ones that don't earn $50K+ for eight months of work plus another $50K of bennies.

But, hey Keep going- bring it to as many localities as you want, we'll appreciate the footage in two years!

Something else I just found out. The Wisconsin law says that if school is closed for any unscheduled event (like a teacher sick-out) ALL weekend school functions will be canceled. Just think "of the children".

And cheerleaders.
And the Chess club.
And the Debate team.
And thespians.
And the glee club.
And gymnasts.
And the remedial kids.
Did I mention girl gymnasts?

UPDATE part- the second

As noticed at Powerline-
When will the MSM notice that the vast majority of protesting Union thugs are white?

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