Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Kicking cats

No, I'm not doing it intentionally- or hard.

Thing-1 moved back to Texas for a job change and is living here for the time being.
She has two cats, one a small black feisty one named Electra (renamed by Karen as 'the little black biatch')

- the other is a mellow (ghey with a bad toupee, a rhinestone collar and generally sleeps with front paws demurely tucked away) named (geesh)...Mumu.
(I think he admires Liberace's clothes)

Anyway- it's windy and 25 outside, so I decide to check on Petunia.

I pour Electra off my lap and start walking to the cage when one foot poots a warm fury thing off to the side. Two steps later it's the other foot pooting her in front, and once more in the kitchen before I chase her away by yelling at her.

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