Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh come ON Nancy

You Democrats have had schools in Wisconsin shut down going on two weeks because your Unions are protesting on a sick-out.
But you want to try claiming you're FOR the children?

Pelosi said in a statement that the GOP's plan for a two-week spending bill cuts funding for critical programs.

"Republicans want to cut an additional $4 billion, which includes stripping support for some pressing educational challenges without redirecting these critical resources to meet the educational needs of our children," Pelosi said in a statement. "This is not a good place to start."

Nancy Pelosi -if you wanted a say in this years budget; I'd like to remind you- that if you had passed it SIX MONTHS AGO when it was due, you could have had anything you wanted in it.
BUT, no! You wanted to play some kind of 'got-cha' politics with the finances of the entire nation instead of doing your job.

Well at least for now you're still the leader of the new MINORITY that you so rightfully deserve.

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  1. Obama is the worst POTUS we've ever had in this nation, but it's only because he had so much help from Nancy and Harry... You nailed it there too, had they passed the budget instead of playing games they could have bankrupted us like they wanted... instead now they will complain about what has do be done.