Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking at their top 100 signs

I'm going to have to assume that Buzzfeed is a bunch of Libs.
The 'Imperial Walker" was old as soon as I saw the second one- ok?

Yes kid, you should be in school. So should your teachers.

I'm so out of touch with popular 'youthful' fads that I have no idea...

Not if you're one of the 2/3 of eighth grade students who, you know- CAN'T

If you really did, shouldn't you be in class? See the above.

Has he been kidnapped? What are you doing at a rally? How long has he been missing?

At least I can spell my own trade.

I will, and I'll remember where you were instead of filling them :-)

Minnesota had a teacher sick-out, too?

Because you see it every time you see a mirror! What does Sarah Palin have to do with this sick-out?

Trust me Union Hack, people are watching...

Aren't they fixing to go on strike soon?

Probably more than bused in NYC Union thugs.

And the rest were stupid childish fail you expect from highly educated eletist Liberals.

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