Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Huffing-Aol and the memory hole

Because Air America was such a big hit, right AOL?
Oh, you forgot, because...

...Huffington may be able to help AOL build a media organization with a distinct and successful voice similar to the approach News Corp. has used with Fox News, Enderle said.
“Yes, she’s got political views, but gosh, look how political views have worked for Fox,” Enderle said in an interview. “There’s certainly the opportunity to create a much more powerful liberal voice in the country. The fact that it hasn’t been done yet, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”
(my bold)

But that's ok because Arrianna will draw a bazillion new hits to an ever more Liberal website where only 20% of Americans admit to be anti-American Liberals.

I can see this turning out as well as AOL/TIME-WARNER did.

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