Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well that's good...I guess

According to the glowingly optimistic story from the KC Times we find that Govt. Motors made a profit of $4.7 Billion last year.

Which brings up the question- How much of that is going into repaying the $50 BILLION you got in a BAILOUT?

Here are some excerpts of that story, and since the new meme of the Left is "context", I'll add some.

It emerged in the summer of 2009 cleansed of huge debt and costly labor contracts[because they were taken over by the TAXPAYER], returned to the stock market in November[with an inflated IPO for more insiders to buy], and managed to make money even with auto sales near historic lows[It's easy to do when the TAXPAYER is paying the bills].

“I’m not sure anyone would have predicted a year ago that GM will deliver net income of $4.7 billion,” said the chairman and CEO, Dan Akerson [who doled out millions in bonuses and perks instead of repaying any of that $50 BILLION his company still owes].

Jeff Manning, president of UAW Local 31 at the plant, said it was terrific news, especially after the bankruptcy and the recession.[Because his union got 70% of stock that was stolen from the original investors- like your grandma. AND they all got rid of their retirement obligations via the taxpayer.]

Paul Broome, owner of Broome Cadillac in Independence[Whom we can assume was a BIG contributor to the Democrat cause-simply by the fact that he's still open for business], also said that this was the kind of news he preferred, especially compared with the concerns in 2009 about whether the company could be revived.

You know, MSM- maybe we should start putting things into context more.
I'll be glad to see how you do that next time you report on the GOP starving old people for reducing the increase of a .GOV handout.


  1. You're asking Liberals in the MSM to do two things that they are incapable of.... You're asking them to think and you're asking them to be honest.

    I won't be holding my breath :)

  2. You're asking them to think and you're asking them to be honest.