Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wherever you stand on issues

If we can agree with something, I'll go with you.
Just like Ex-Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah), when he warned about teabaggers.

Actually, we don't agree with that. What we agree on is this-
"If you're going to nominate a national candidate, don't make the mistake of assuming that those who attend the early caucuses and the early primaries speak for the nation as a whole," Bennett said on Fox News. "If you're going to have a national candidate, you'd better have a national view."

Which is why we had RINO for our Presidential bid. I'm still pissed about those east-coast Libs and yankees giving all those RINOs the thumbs up while the ONLY conservative dropped before the last 30 states got a chance top vote FOR him.

If all I have to choose from in 2012 is those f*cking retreads that LOST and no conservatives- I'm going top vote third party.

Yes, I'm STILL pissed about that B.S. slate Texas got to choose from in our primary.


  1. No more "Conservatives" since they clearly aren't.

  2. Amen, man. If they run another McCain, I'm writing in Mickey Mouse. Screw 'em.