Saturday, February 26, 2011

So, no 'blood for oil' this time?

I took three things away from this video:

  1. Quaddafi is getting his talking points civil discourse from the Democrats.
  2. Opie says we're not going to spill blood for oil- we'll do sanctions instead! Yeahhhh! Except that Libya has already stopped is main export- good move there Prez. Kickazz.
  3. Our next President doesn't hold back on his assessment of the administrations response.
"These people make the Keystone Cops look organized"

You know, if we only had someone- of either party (and no, I don't mean Mc Cain) that these people had any respect for, we might be able to put a lid on this. As much as I disrespected Bill Clinton- at least he wasn't afraid to toss a couple missiles into the dessert to get their attention.

But, hey! at least Teh WON will have made good on another campaign promise when gas hits $7/gallon.

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  1. "These people make the Keystone Cops look organized"

    Truer words have never been spoken :)