Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Which begs the question then

If the Providence school board is going to fire all of its teachers at the end of the year- what is the need to have a school board?

I'm no fanboi of teachers unions, but even THEY by themselves couldn't put the district $40 million in the hole. The article doesn't say how long they've known about the problem, or what- if anything they tried before.

Two things come to mind about this:
I spent my last two years at the Newport Naval station, and can't remember one good thing about that state. Being as Liberally f*cked up as I remember it being all the way back to 1989- I'm not surprised they waited until the last minute to go all chainsaw on the only reason for their existence.

Don't I remember something like this happening last year in R.I. too?

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