Sunday, February 06, 2011

Can we start panicking now?

Because the earths magnetic poles are moving at an increasing rate and will swap soon.
Which brings up some interesting questions and maybe technical and scientific reorganization.

So, when this gets done, are we still going to be in the northern hemisphere?
Will we still call north ...north?
Will our drains flow clockwise or counterclockwise?
Will the sun rise in the east or west now?

But for some it's even worse, because it's starting to dawn on some that the sun actually has an affect on our planet, and it can't be all man-made global ,,,ummmm,,,instability.

BUT wait, it gets worse!

Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather.

Forget about global warming—man-made or natural—what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun's magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field.

When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it goes into flux and begins to become unstable anything can happen. And what normally happens is that all hell breaks loose.

Magnetic polar shifts have occurred many times in Earth's history. It's happening again now to every planet in the solar system including Earth.

See, we Global warming climate freaks finally have to admit that the sun has something to do with climate....

CR@P :-(

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  1. I would say just paint the red side of the compass needle black and the black side red, and call it good, but what with all these fancy computer gps compass things, that is a little harder to do, and outside my experience base.