Saturday, October 05, 2013

So the big news today

...other than the temper tantrum involving the non-elected, non-caring, non-functional bureaucrats that infest the power structure of government is that Miley Cyrus has had topless (sort of) pics taken of her.

Sorry newsies. knowing that some skanky trollop has let her na-nas show isn't as much of a turn-on as seeing someone's high-beams when they didn't expect them to show.
Nope, no shock value when I'll get more than I ever wanted of her because she needs the publicity.


  1. Are you saying you don't like na-na's?

    As for Ms Cyrus, she should do the damn porno already. That's all that's left.

    1. I love nanas, saggy ones that love to be played with :-)