Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I asked for comments in an earlier post

The one about the RIA 1911.

Well in the famous words of Rosanna Anna Dana- nevermind.

I went into town for an inspection on the PT Cruiser and to get some plumbing repair parts.
They didn't have what I wanted so i stopped into the feed & supply store to see what they had, and I walked out with this-
First- guess what it could be:
No cheating....
This followed me home


  1. My little henry 22 got a few new (metaphorical) notches cut on its stock this weeks from three more raccoons and wet skunk. They are all slick guns.

  2. Ooooooh, shiny!

    I've been half looking at one of those, but no first hand information.

    Thanks! Guinea Pig!

    1. First impressions-

      It's nicely finished.

      Smooth action -short throw (because it's pistol rounds).

      I'm most likely to be putting a peep site on her because that buck-horn rear site just doesn't want to snap-in for me.

      Even though she's a carbine, with that octagon barrel she's surprisingly heavy.

  3. Replies
    1. She's selling it. Part of the deal was a new sticker.

  4. You're going to love this one for a long time. Go to the slower burning non-magnum powders if you do your own loads; like Blue Dot. Go out and kill some hogs.

  5. Sweet. You can get a tang mounted peep sight for it, I think Marbles still makes one that's very good.

    Me? I want one in .357 Mag.

  6. I have a stainless Navy Arms(Rossi) clone of the 92 Winchester. It has a Marbles Tang sight and I have memorized the clicks needed to switch from my black powder cowboy action loads to my light smokeless lead and my max loads of H110 and the 250 grain Hornady XTP. I'm not sure if the Henry is rated for the "Ruger-only" loads but the Rossi will give ballistics like the old Remington 300 grain deer load without straining anything.

    By the way, that Henry of your is not a carbine, it's a short rifle. Carbines have round barrels and are lighter. Assuming your Henry will take those "Ruger-only" loads you will be glad of the extra weight. Mine has the 24 inch tube and with the max loads that curved steel buttplate backs right up. I tried those loads in a lighter carbine and decided that was more fun than I really like to have very often.

    Assuming your Henry will take those loads and you want to use your rifle for hunting as well as fun shooting you will want the Marble's Tang instead of the Lyman. I'm not persactly sure why but there is a considerable windage adjustment needed when switching from a standard velocity lead bullet load load to the hot loads. And the Lyman doesn't have windage adjustments, it has to be shimmed which is a PITA. It's okay for a one load gun but not for the handloader.

    Anyhow, good luck with your new shootin' iron. A good small game and plinking load is that 250 grain Remington bullet in front of a max SAAMI load of Hodgdon's Titegroup.

  7. Am looking at one in .357 so I have commonality with my pistols and as hokey as it sounds, people don't get uptight about this rifle like they would if I schlepped my AR in plain sight. Something to think about;)