Saturday, October 03, 2009

The ADD electrician

After buying the new (wood) router, I decided to make a decent table for it.

I made the frame and used the discount roto-tool (spiral saw/laminate trimmer) to make a base plate cut-out on the underside of the table.
As I was cutting, I saw smoke from the other side as the bit worked it's way loose and went through the entire board.
As I retightened the collet so as to finish the base plate, I now needed to fix a curved hole. I mixed a bunch of sawdust with wood glue to make filler.

While waiting for it to dry, I decided to hook the switch for the router outlet- BUT in order to do that, I needed to run a little more wire to that part of the shop.

I ended up rewiring almost the entire shop. I put all the lights on one phase and most of the outlets on the other. I figures that with the hardwired electric fence (that I added a switch to) and the lights, it would sort of balance the load with the power tools on the other one.

I now have the shop lights connected to one switch, the router table top fixed and the router fence (at a perfect 90 degree angle) supports glued up.

Tomorrow I need to finish routing grooves for the fence adjustment bolts, install the router to the table and finish mowing the yard.

OH,,, I'm at 84% of downloads now and am getting 'Rock Solid Internet' wireless ISP Tues the 13th with no contract or download limits for $30/mo.

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