Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts from the throne room

A while back there was a bit of a kerfluffel about how bad double ply TP is for the environment.
While I had some time, I noticed that Northern bathroom tissue was ahead of the curve in reducing their impact on the environment. I was looking at the roll and thought it looked,,,'different' somehow. I reached into the trash for a tube from the last batch and sure enough, the new roll was a good half inch shorter than the old one.
AND they raised the price for it, too. Better for the environment and less for more,,,the TP that represents the Urkles entire administration. After continued evaluations, it looks like Scott is going to be the default roll at Casa Trainwreck.

We are also subject to hearing the moans of money problems over at the dead tree propaganda camps, and how they're loosing readers.
I dropped Readers Digest almost ten years ago as they were sliding to the Left.
Does anyone know how the *other* magazines are doing?
We have a stack of 'Women's Day', 'Good Housekeeping' and some sewing things that we never hear about wanting a .gov bailout....wonder why?

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