Thursday, October 01, 2009

Five days now

And my monthly average has only dropped 10% points.
All I have online is the XP presario laptop for about two to three hours a day.The rest of the time the modom is unplugged.
Which tells me that either the two bits of malware(one spyware and one trojan on Thing Two's computer [that the anti-virus hadn't been run in 6 months]) were going gangbusters on talking to the mother ship.---OR did WildBlue stop taking off the back end of out average, and now were just loading up the bathwater waiting for the overflow?

My upload is still at 25%, and it is usually in the low teens.

In other forms of broadband we have radio internet (wireless DSL) or cell technology.
Being as we're in a hole in the coverage area, we'll have to see which of the two radio ISPs get our buisiness.

It's cheaper than satellite andsupposed to be unlimited usage.
I'm just wondering how secure it is?

What I'm also wondering is... did Dick and Kelly try the deep fried butter at the Texas state fair, and if so...why?

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