Sunday, September 27, 2009

My intratubes are clogged

We had some unresolvable issues with the big computer (which is 2 yars old, running VISTA) and ended up going the factory restore rout.

Given that we're on DISHinternet (a sub of WildBlue) and since Thing Two moved back and we'd been running at over 85% of our allowable download alotment, when we updated all the old microsoft cr@p we went to 98% of Fair Access Policy. That's where it stayed for a week. When I downloaded FireFox 1.5 and the updates- it put us over.

Now we're in the FAP penaltypase of the thing. Until we can get below 70%, we're looking at slow dial-up speeds.

Someone is not going to be happy when I take the power supply to the modom to work ith me for several days, but I warned her that I'm *NOT* paying $75 a month for dial-up speed.

In other developments, it only took about 10 hours total to pull my entire dash,replace the heater core and put hings back together. Everything works, but I had to remove the protective layer of dust on the top of the dash.

Now I have to finish mowing the weeds and work on the router table.

Guess I'll have plenty of time for that since the intrawebz will be off for a while, unless Thing Two wants to buy her some 26K dial-up.

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