Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FireFox 3.5

Don't like it.

When I backed up everything in the Win/HP backup section, everything was supposed to be saved,,,pics, FF1.5, bookmarks, documents....
After I restored to factory settings and used the backup discs.
I. couldn't. open. anything.
I'm (Karen is actually) slowly going through all that was downloaded and clicking each folder and giving herself admin privileges to open them.

I'll be degrading to F/F 1.5.5 again so *I* have control over my browser AND can ban sites and cookies that want to drop spyware on me.

I can't access about half my blogroll between FF 3.5 and being slowed because we've downloaded too much in getting this computer back to a semblance of it's old self.

Now Wildblue is starting to throttle down my access speed to not much faster than dial-up. Dicks place is like he shut it down again, from the access denied pages I get.

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