Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kicking it old school

That was the end of my job yesterdy.

I came in to string some temporary service for the service dept.
Being as they're not into overhead power, they didn't know what I was asking for.
I wanted triplex hangers (to replace truck stock) and a six inch band/collar to secure an insulator clevis to a light pole.
They got the hangers and kearney's fine, but the electric supplier didn't have an "insulator support band" that big.
I waited two hours to find that out. When they finally got back, I told them to go to Home depot and get a band for a fence gate pole...6 inches diameter.
They couldn't figure out why I'd want to use something like that for #4 triplex. So we settled for them getting plumbers steel tape.

I used that splice because it looks a hellofa lot better than the latest thing..two triplex hangers and three Polaris joints looking like a birds nest up there.

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