Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The right tool for the job

As you know, I've been making furniture with old pallets reclaimed oak boards.

Since it's not really furniture quality, I've been getting along with a decent combo blade on the table saw and living with the so-so cuts.
More than half the time I was burning through thicker boards.

After hitting a good sized nail and dulling it almost past use, I went to one of the home stores and while looking at blade prices, decided to get a crosscut blade and a rip blade for about the same price as a good combo blade.

The difference is amazing. I forgot how smoothly and easily an aged oak board can be ripped with no tripped breakers or billowing smoke.

Now to rebuild my router table since dads router took a dump and I want to make it a multi-function tool.

And...speaking of tools, how about the way this administration is treating Honduras compared to His welcoming the worlds dictators to the U.N. today?

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