Saturday, September 12, 2009

The ACORN doesn't fall far from the tree

The latest news about the people our Peoples Organizer in Chef has surrounded himself with keeps getting better.

First we had the two videos of them knowing exactly what to do for our 'urban professionals' wanting advice in importing underage sex slaves and avoiding taxes.
Like I mentioned in a comment at the Cajuns place- It's like they've done it before, and more than once.

Another bit of new news is that even Rahm Emmanuel had to distance his newly politicized Census politburo from ACORNS participation in cooking the numbers providing an accurate count of Americans. Of course there are many, many branches of ACORN under many different names, which I'm sure are on someones speed dial right now.

AND lastly, speaking of self-serving politicians.
I caught this new site in passing at Jay G's that want this next election to clean House. I'm for it- the only pol up in D.C. I'd even think about sending back is maybe John Cornyn.

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