Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sounds like the Onion got over again

You know, with all those layers and layers of oversight and fact checking and spellcheckers editors in the mainstream media.

You know the presidential knob polishers...

Somehow this got out that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce did a 180 on cap and tax, and are now for it.

I heard a bit different take this morning than this vid shows...basically some pressman demanding ID from the legit C.o.C. because "we've got a deadline to meet".

I mean, don't these people have some kind of B.S. detector that's not on the default Rethugometer?

That maybe, someone on their own side might want to ....LIE?

AND- that female reporter who covers the U.S. C.o.C. didn't recognize him, but interviewed him anyway,,,,
Was she going to just sent it through the layers and layers of fact checking and editors before she bothered to ash the *real* CoC if it was an actual policy turnaround?

OR were they hoping they didn't have to hide a retraction back on the classifieds?

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