Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama made a San Antonio stop today

Actually, I think it was supposed to maybe be a secret visit to Fiesta Texas' Halloween show.

See, I was working on the lights of a new high school just west of loop 1604, just kinda looking around:

Then I saw something unusual going northwards along 1604 and then veering east towards Fiesta Texas.

I had an idea something was up, with the way He likes to do the 'everyday Joe' thing, so I'd bet He took the family to a private Halloween show. I bet He loves dress-up and the suspension of disbelief, and all. I mean...He's even got his own Wookie.

...Anyway, Even though I didn't see it in person- here's an indirect cam phone picture of Himself alighting the presidential limo:

(CLICK IT! You know you want to.)
Yep, the clouds opened for a shaft of enlightenment from on high..............

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