Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Almost there

74% and dropping. Sometime tomorrow we'll be below 70%, and WildBlue will let us off our 'time out' slowage.

AND a week after, we get real broadband wireless at 2MG downloads and limitless usage.
Yay us!

I wonder if they supply radio TV cable? Kinda retro isn't it? to use a radio wave to send HDTV to an antenna that converts it into cable for the TV box.

I'll be able to upload pics soon and can update on my projects.

HY, how about those Libs screaming about McChrystal speaking at a London security meeting about the war on terror? You'd think the way they cheered the NYT for dumping our secrets that it was OK- or sumpum....Oh, yeah- that was when BusHitlerMcHalibrnton was in charge.

I mean they're dumping on him for giving that speach in London (England, 2,000 miles east of D.C.)while his betters were discussing the Afghan conflict among themselves.
I mean, it's not like he had anything more important to do, is it? Like talk to decision makers in DeCee......

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