Sunday, October 25, 2009

The 25 year anniversary of Operation Urgent Fury

Gawd, I feel old. We were on deployment to Rota, Spain then. (Nice place- kinda like s.w.Texas) When we heard about it.

For those that weren't around then, It was the freeing of Granada from the communists who overthrew their own socialist government.

On March 13, 1979 while Gairy was out of the country, the NJM – led by Maurice Bishop – launched an armed revolution and overthrew Gairy's government, establishing the People's Revolutionary Government. Bishop then suspended the constitution and the New Jewel Movement ruled the country by decree, as Prime Minister of Grenada, until 1983. All other political parties were banned and no elections were to be held. Internationally, the government quickly aligned itself with Cuba and other communist governments.

On October 13, 1983, a party faction led by Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard seized power illegally. Bishop was placed under house arrest. Mass protests against the action led to Bishop escaping detention and reasserting his authority as the head of the government. Bishop was eventually captured and murdered along with several government officials loyal to him. The army under Hudson Austin then stepped in and formed a military council to rule the country. The Governor-General of Grenada, Paul Scoon, was placed under house arrest. The army announced a four-day total curfew where anyone seen on the streets would be subject to summary execution..

We were asked for help by the surrounding Caribbean countries and helped them free the island from Cuba and their allies- the USSR.

President 0bama, Madam Secretary of State Clinton- THAT is what an unconstitutional government takeover looks like. NOT the eviction of a leader who oversteps his authority by the entire Constitutionally authorized government of Honduras.

H/T to Cajun for reminding me.

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