Friday, October 16, 2009

A late shoutout to CharleParker

The lead guy at 1200AM WOAI radio this morning who made the trip to work worthwhile.

Son-in-law is going through 'The crucible' this week in San Diego USMC boot camp, and Charley came out with a clip from an Air Force spokesman was telling how the USAF booters had the hardest course of all services.

Yeah, I spewed coffee on my dashboard when I started laughing too.

About 25 years ago- when I was shopping services (a 90% of the Bees, but lets see...) all I remember about the AF recruiter spiel was that their booters lived in two man rooms while all the other services had open bay barracks. Every time I asked about construction careers (Red Horse and Prime Beef) he's steer me back to the boot camp goodies.

The Army was only interested in telling me about the cash I could make by going into Combat Arms.

I knew even back then that I was too lazy for the Marines.

The Navy recruiter, when I asked about becoming a BU (builder) like my grandfather, was told that they're full and have a six month waiting list...but we havs some openings for a CE Construction Electrician) ..."here watch this video, and take this pre test to see if you're eligible." "Ok, I think you'll pass- we can get you to Chicago (the main processing center) next week and do the whole thing. Oh yeah,,,,, it's a five year commitment."

....After I'd gone through Great Mistakes Naval Training and was going rto basic electronics in Orlando- I was called in to the detailers office and told that there may be some changes made in my promised rate (CE) after looking at my combined ASVAP score-and that they wanted to talk to me about going nuke, AND getting an automatic Crow (E-4) after graduating school.
I told them thankyouverymuch, BUT I'd rather spend my time on land building things than being stuck 30 feet below waterline never seeing the sky except on liberty; and as I was an E-3 already, the extra $20 wouldn't be worth it to me.

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