Sunday, February 25, 2024

A number of my readers have been in the military

Or know of know people who have been.
And FB has these "real life" ads/sites that tell about ....whatever.

This one is just like that with hardly realistic tales. Especially if you' been there.

Some of them, okay and probably realistic, but if you drill down on #49 you'll know that one is complete BullShit.
Because Officers have their own bars and so do senior and junior enlisteds...... especially in the Navy.


  1. Here's a link that starts at story #1:

  2. We had a private, Greene, who could never keep in step.

    The drill sergeant once exclaimed, "Greene! If I ever catch you in step, I will give you ten pushups!"

    We forgot it almost immediately.

    But one fine day, SSG Golden calls us to a halt, left face!

    And drops there in the street and knocks out ten!

    Hilarity ensued when he requested permission from Greene to recover. Greene was so gobstopped it took him five tries.