Monday, September 04, 2006

More European Anti-semitsm on display

Yoni the Blogger reports that quite a few Euopean counties are denying landing/refuling rights to IDF planes carrying their equipment.
That means when they're comming from American bases, they can't bring in a full load of defensive arms, since they have to carry that much more fuel.
Which means that the next time they are attacked and need to defend themselves, they'll have less to do it with. The list of these countries is a who's-who of NATO members- the ones that should understand the war on terrorism, not cowtowing to their violent sepratist immigrants.

Also, in a one-way pogrom, the EU is preparing charges against members of the IDF for war crimes against moslem terrorists. There is a huge blank page in the ledger reguarding human rights violations by Hizb'Allah, Hammas, and the rest.

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