Saturday, September 30, 2006

I got one wrong

On this drivers test.

But, ya know what- those pedestrians need to be driving anyway, it would keep them out of my way.
I'd make a pretty safe bet that most of the drivers I'm around wouldn't get the 70% right to pass their drivers test again.
If they took it in the first place.

And speaking of driving, if you're the ONLY car on a 2 lane highway and an 80,000 Lb Kenworth is merging on, don't try to intimidate him with your little 2500 lb Escort- ok? It doesn't work.

As long as I'm on my favorite subject, what's with these tailgaters that just have to be within one car length of you (I make sure they go around me) no matter how deserted the road is; or how bad the rain makes driving conditions?
If you're one of those dumb@sses- can you tell me WHY you want to rear-end me and jack your insurance sky high?

That is IF you have insurance.

Drivers test stolen from Gort.

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