Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm surprised that nobody's made the connection yet

Here we have a multi-person shooting up in Canada.

What finally seems to have happend is that 20 people were shot (mostly students, Plus the dysfunctional shooter.

The Peoples Democratic Paradise of Canukistan force all it's law abiding citizens to turn in their weapons (guns- sorry it's a Navy thing) so they could all live in peaceful co-existance, and fluffy bunnies, and nice thoughts ad nausium.

Where did he get the rifle?
Was he an adherant of any misfits that we had on our side of the border?

He had a mohawk and was wearing a black trenchcoat.

A black trench coat.
Does that ring a bell with anyone?
How about these names.
Eric Harris
Dylan Klebold

If that doesn't make anything click, how about Columbine?

It hit me about 11 tonight when I'd heard it for the umteenth time that day.

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