Monday, September 11, 2006

Guess you're geting tired of, 9/11 huh?

And me posting You-tube. Especially you with dial-up.

Sorry, but here's one more- The Liberal equivalence of Fundimentalist Christians and islamofaciests.

It's 45 seconds long.

I was going to put a comment up on You-tube, but decided to do it where he couldn't delete it.

I just want to make a point about this moral equivalency of the Libs.
If they feared islamic funamentalists as much as they do Christian fundamentalists- you think they'd get on board with the war on terror, wouldn't you?

But they don't- because
  1. They think islamic fundamentalists aren't as "dangerous"?
  2. They think islamic fundamentalists won't attack 'here'?
  3. They can attack Christian fundamentalsts because they know they won't be beheaded for what they say about them?
  4. Because 25+ years of islamic terrorism is all Bush's fault?
Any other suggestions?

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