Sunday, September 17, 2006

Here's something for the next President to shoot for

Lets make 2010 "Travel the World of Islam Year"!

According to the AP- something called the OIC (no other descriptions from these vetted jounalists) want everyone to enjoy the life of Jihad.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Muslim countries are considering a global campaign to boost tourism by 2010 and are contemplating a move to ease visa restrictions for each other's citizens, Malaysia's national news agency reported.

"Tourists from other countries should be encouraged to visit Muslim countries so that they will get to know Islamic countries better,"


He said Malaysia, which currently chairs the OIC, is also suggesting that Muslim countries should ease visa restrictions for each other's citizens to promote mutual relations.

Riiight... and these moslems visiting other moslim lands won't be targets for their version of the RoP because they aren't the "right" kind of moslems they want.
Yeah, like killing another moslem because he wears a different head scarf than you has never happened before.
Not to mention all the wonderful Infidel kidnap targets just paying to be mentioned on the nightly news.

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