Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not much today

I did the MRI thing this morning.
They wanted to check my neck- to make sure everythig was ok there.
Then the went to do the shoulder, the reason I was there. Iwas off for four days, so it got a chance to ,,,,, unswell and relax- I was hearing pops and snaps all weekend.
They REALLY need to make those holes bigger. It was OK when they did the neck thing, I was centred. When they put the shoulder-holder attatchment in, I almost would't fit becaue the moved my shoulders to the left too far.
-Anyhting to the Left is too far, but that's another post.
I had to twist and shrug my shoulder to get it through the opening.
My left arm started going numb about halfway through, and although I usualy have no problem, I was sarting to get a little anxious.
They said they got good images and we'll see what it looks like Thurs afternoon at the Drs office.

It started raining while I was leaving.It's been at least2 months since anykind of moisture has come from th sky. It was scary driving on the city streets of San ANtonio-knowing that these morons have NO clue about driving when wet.
Especially when it just started raining after eight weeksof oil and grease build-up on the roads. I kept expcting someone to slide (all the way) through a stop sign, or into my rear end.

I finally made it to the Sportsmans Warehouse, where I got a couple pounds of lead balls for the CUG shoot. Too bad it was raining and the ink would have run all over, I probably could have doon well with the Trapper.

HEY, did ya see that they found more oil in the Gulf? Kewl. Too bad that when they finally get to start pumping it'll get shut down every time a hurrican gets into the gulf, and we'll be in the same boat we were last year.

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