Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's new in the spyware world?

I noticed the other day that all of our computers were getting daily alerts for critical objects on our Ad-Aware scans.

Two of them (adtmt and doubleclick) are in the IE cache, so to get them out you need to turn off the system restore- or they want to re-infect your computer. I'm getting tired of that, I may need those restore points some day.

Maybe I'll ad SpyBot again, too, just to see it THAT will keep this new wave of spyware out of my hard drive.

Note: Iwas going to let both teens have it for inviting this cr@p onto my computer *thanks MySpace*, but Karen said she's been getting alot more at her work computer, too.

Note part II: You Mac users can keep giggling. As soon as there are enough Mac users to be worth it, you'll be getting your own versions of this chit.

You ARE using protection, right?

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