Monday, May 04, 2009

Two weeks

Alternative title: The further wussification of America.

We just found out this morning that the Schertz/Selma/Cibilo ISD is going to be canelling school for another week because of >>>>> ONE <<<<<< style="font-style: italic;"> one case of the Hispanic flu.

That's right, there are some 300,000 kids in Texas right now out of school because of a flu that killed exactly ZERO Americans, so far. The only fatality we've had was an illegal a Mexican baby from Brownsville that the parents waited on to see the Dr.

So, Mr. and Mrs. TX educational health directors think the little precious are?
Since they can't do the social thing at school ....because it's closed because of the Hispanic Influenza...
They're all meeting at the mall...and spreading the same viruses as they would AT SCHOOL

...AND the Tx Dept. of Edu. isn't going to have them make up time.

So, why make them go to school anyway, if missing doesn't matter?
I guess they got something out of the Pork-filled stimulus bill that nobody *except the author* knows about...since it's not the education schools are worried about- so much as the Fed's money.

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