Sunday, May 24, 2009

...And he'll probably get it too

Except not how He envisions it.

The headline of this BEEB article is "Obama plans 'leaner' car industry".

Ok, and the way he's going about it will almost guarantee that the only American car company left is Ford. The only one who saw the bait in one hand and the huge club in the other.

So now we have the .gov- who can't even run a whore house brothel at a profit- telling auto execs how to run their company.
Then they come along and throw out legal and legitimate contracts to favor their Union thugs, leaving the real investors with pennies on the Dollar-including your parents retirement plan.

Why would anyone except some clueless intellectual who's spent his entire life in academia or Chicago politics think that anyone would be stupid enough to voluntarily put up billions of investment Dollars when the .gov has already proved that a contract isn't worth the paper it's written on.

Now the UAW wants to sell it's 55% of Chrysler for it's retirement fund, until it realizes that's not enough- and CFO Obama will arbitrarily get his courts to hand over another 55% to the UAW so they can sell those stocks to another sucker.

Government Motors, all the style of a Trabant, with the reliability of a 75 British Leyland TR-6 and the quality of a 1975 AMC Matador.

After all that .gov meddeling, inefficiency, mismanagement and all the rest that we associate with central planning, the only American auto company worth a cr@p will be Ford, who dodged the nationalization of their industry.

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