Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to Texas

Now that you're in just about the only state that is still growing, here are some things to think about.
  • First, if you become a resident- DON'T vote. See the reason you're here is partly due to your poor choices in deciding who'll lead your state, and the decisions you probably agreed to.
  • Next, we DO try to practice courtesy while driving. We *know* some idiot will be going through a red light and take it into account when ours turns green, so we DO. NOT. slam out hands on the horn five cars back when the light changes. I've heard that three times already in the last month.
  • When on a two lane country road, the slower vehicle will usually move to the hard shoulder, wave or thank them after you pass them. They don't HAVE to let your Yankee @ss pass them.No matter how many cops are on the road with you, you will NOT get a ticket going the speed limit.
  • On a highway 5 MPH over is usually considered an OK speed- even from DPS.
  • The car that you're tailgating cannot go any faster than the fifty cars that are in front of them- sorry it's a matter of physics.
And lastly, although we do have our driving quirks, we still try to use common courtesy and kind of expect others to also.

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