Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recruiters- living down to their reputation

I just found out that soon-to-be- SiL got his final contract from the Marines yesterday, and his MOS of MP was left off the contract, and instead was left *open*.

All the Combat Arms are filled, but he doesn't want to take a chance on a cr@ppy job for his enlistment, which I understand.

His ASVAP score is higher than mine was when the Navy wanted me to become a Nuke (yeah, reading this blog makes you scared at that- huh?), so I know other services could be used as leverage to get him inked in to his chosen job.

Anyway, one day this week, we're going down to have a talk with his recruiter and see what can be hammered out.

Advice will be helpful.
Also other service careers in law enforcement besides MP/SP/APs.


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