Sunday, December 31, 2006

The call of the wild

That's what got the white one.

Yesterday, some little assholes juvenile delinquents kids opened the front gate and let the dogs out.
The black one, Meg came home after about an hour.
The white one (who's picture used to grace this site) is still gone.
And probably won't be back- one way or another.
He pulled the escape artist thing up in Conroe and was within 5 minutes-literally- of being left up there.

My voice is hoarse from calling for he and Meg within a week.
If anyone finds him and calls, (if he's not shot for chasing goats) I won't know him.
He doesn't want to live here, he won't.

Now we have to put a bike lock on the gate, or think of some thing to keep the dogs in if the gate is open.
But, then I guess it's the season for runaways...we found a toy dog on the porch. A toy breed dog.
The phone number on the tag is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

He's a teeny li'l ol' thang. Karen says she's seen chicken wings with more meat on them than his legs. After looking, I think he's a Black version of a long haired Chihuahua. Except that he doesn't have the nasty attitude.

Once Karen and the girls know he's a Chihuahua, we'll defiantly be loosing him.
Karen want's to know if the dog pound will take a trade-in for a real dog.

We just got back from the San Antonio emergency vet.
Bodie (the formerly missing dog) was hit by a car on the highway. He couldn't move his back legs when Karen saw him in the median going to Hondo. He was already going into shock when she got him home.
At least he got to say good-by to everyone before we took him to his final sleep.
I'll be burying him tomorrow in the back paddock.

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