Monday, January 01, 2007

Marilyn Mansonis Jesus???

That was my first reaction when I saw the video in this article about another miracle painting.
Except that it's not in Mexico this time, or even discovered by Mexicans on a taco.

PILSEN, CZECH REPUBLIC (Reuters) - A mysterious painting of Jesus is attracting people from all over the Czech Republic.

The picture shows the face of the son of God with his eyes open and closed. Many visitors to Oldrich Klima's "Gallery of Handicrat" in Pilsen are asking if it's a trick of the light or something more spiritual.

Jesus with his eyes closed - that's what this 150-year-oil oil painting shows... or does it?

Take a step back and the son of God is staring at you with clearly open eyes.

I wish there was a better video because I really can't tell.

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