Thursday, January 04, 2007

I guess I oughta post something, huh?

It's been a kind of f'd up holiday period here at casa trainwreck.

We didn't have Christmas- we had a 15 hour road trip to moms in Conroe and back where the white thing tore a hole in moms gate and took off. He only decided to come back about fifve minutes before we left for home.

On Dec 25th we opened presents. As i mentioned earlier, I got three "Thank you's"- two of those came from Karen. The one who got a Dell tower (the most expensive present) only had "Cool" to say about it...or something along those lines- nothing in the category of "wow, thanks".

The white dog had some kind of seizure about three weeks ago,and had been peeing on everything he could reach since then.

Dec. 30th, some kids decided to open the front gate and both dogs ran out. Meg- the black one came back. Bodie- the PoS white one ignored us and got hit by a car new years eve. So we had to make a run into town and drop $60 to have him put down. I would have shot him- but that's another story about girls-and-guns.

I just hope that that was the end of a crappy kind of year and the new year will be better.
At least the 18-yr-old will be moving out and starting her work career that her "D" average grades set her up for...'But, I'm passing"..."No, you're almost flunking."
..."but at least I'll graduate."

At least when she's gone it won't be that everytime I open my mouth a 3' thick bank vault door slams shut in her mind. She'll learn on her own.....And mom will ---as usual---drop everything to unf*ck what she's done.

We're in the market for a replacement dog- a playmate for Meg, who's really lonely. The selection is narrowed down to a FEMALE, spayed and medium to large. Blue heeler, Shepard, Rottie...

Anyway, I hope your New year is better than last year.
Well it's gotta be- Nancy and friends are going to solve all of Americas' problems in this next 100 hours.

I wonder what they'll do for the next two years after they raise prices on everything and advance their socialist agenda?

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