Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey, have you heard the latest constitutional rewrite?

According to the Left and some RINO's the President has no constitutional authority to attack Iran.

I guess It's OK for Slick Wilie to lob a couple cruise missiles at empty tents and asprin factories, and Ronaldus Maximus to free a Caribbean Island from the Communists or an airstrike against a terrorist supporting country in Africa?.
How about the (non)war of the sixties, started by one of their own?
Korea, anyone?
The Presidential War Powers act was acceptable then, but Bush II wasn't president back then, was he?

Now the anti-Americans on both sides of the aisle are trying to tell us that the President has to beg them for the Ok to pre-empt an atomic attack????? WTF?

Anyone heard from Gadaffi lately?
(Well, except that two nurse are going to die because of AIDS trainted blood from the mid 80's)

These shortsighted ,,, Communists,,, who are willing to rewrite both history AND the Constitution to continue their scorched earth policy of obstructing ANYTHING president Bush does. They don't care what happens in the Mid-east. They didn't care that millions died after they forced us to abandon South East Asia, and they won't care what happens when the terrorists take over Iraq, either.

I was going to ask my new U.S. Houser Rep. about it, but found this page showing his willingness to be accessable to all.

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