Sunday, January 28, 2007

1st week doggie update

We decided that he is not a Winston.

Because of his habit of scooting his butt closer to us. Really! He can be sat at the opposite wall, and next he's halfway to you without getting up. Then if he thinks you're not watching, he's right next to you...without leaving the sitting position.

His well deserved name is "Scooter".
We're putting meat on his bones, and now we can't feel every bone on his hips- soon you'll have to actually feel for his ribs!
It's great to have a dog that loves table scraps......yeah, I know it's supposed to be bad for them, BUT their ancestors are still scavengers today. Given their druthers, they'd be in a garbage can than chasing down a scrawny rabbit.

He's a love sponge.
He refuses to try going up the back steps.
We're not sure how smart (or not) he is, but he's learning NOT to dart out the door whenever it's open, and to stay away when we're opening the front gate.
His head is ,,,St. Bernardie..drools and all. The rest is questionable, he doesn't have the wide hips of a border collie, but he's got the fine under fur of a cold weather dog.

We'll be keeping him.
He's decided that his sleeping place is in front of the main door.

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