Wednesday, January 31, 2007 have to BUY it first

Windows Vista has a scorecard to let you know if your computer can handle all the new goodies.

I saw three links and was under the impression that you could test your computer online at the the site, oops , my bad.

Anyway- after you BUY Vista (for whatever outrageus price they want), you can run the thing and find out what you have to do to upgrade to meet the specs.

So what do these scores mean?

A 1 means you should just seriously go back to XP. Microsoft wants your money, but not that badly. A score of 2 is the basic score you'll need to do anything on Vista worth while. A 3 (which is what we have, a high 3) is going to be the "value end", or super cheap, PCs being shipped into 2007. A 4 is a mid-range machine, and a 5 is a high-end monster that can do Aero-Glass on multiple monitors and hack into the Matrix.

Thanks Bill- I'll pass on spending money on the next latest thang.

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