Monday, January 08, 2007

I see that the 'religion' of peace and tolerance are at it again

Except this time there haven't been riots- yet.

Maybe because the ones having fun with the most sacred and humble religion of all are themselves moslimbs. They only got their magazine shut down, and are going on trial for it.

So, in light of this, lets see how many e-death threats I can get the FBI to investigate? Not that they would,,,,,because it would be me getting a death threat from people who wouldn't THINK of committing voilence in the name of their death cult 'religion'.

So here is the first of the Islamo-Joke of the day.
As told by the musselmen themselves.........

Nasruddin was determined to be decisive and efficient. One day he told his wife he would plow his largest field on the far side of the river and be back for a big dinner. She urged him to say, "If Allah is willing."

He told her whether Allah was willing or not, that was his plan. The frightened wife looked up to Allah and asked forgiveness.

Nasruddin loaded his wooden plow, hitched up the oxen to the wagon, climbed on his donkey, and set off.

But within the short span of a day the river flooded from a cloudburst and washed his donkey downstream, and one of the oxen broke a leg in the mud, leaving Nasruddin to hitch himself in its place to plow the field.

Having finished only half the field, at the sunset he set out for home exhausted and soaking wet. The river was still high so he had to wait until long past dark to cross over.

After midnight a very wet but much wiser Nasruddin knocked at his door. Who is there Asked his wife.

I think it is me, Nasruddin, he replied, if Allah is willing!

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