Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It took FIVE days Mr. Bush

For a small country to rout the Islamo-facsists from Somalia.

Do you know why?
Because they didn't fight a frigging PC war.

Government forces, backed by Ethiopian troops, were pursuing the remnants of an Islamic militia that until two weeks ago controlled most of southern Somalia and threatened to drive out the internationally-backed government.

But Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi said his rivals were scattered and that a group of them offered to surrender on Tuesday.

"We asked out troops to collect them and bring them back home," he said, refusing to provide any details about how many fighters were involved or where they were.

The rest of "Islamists are scattered in the bush," he said. "Maybe small fights can take place, but we are trying to destroy them."

Sorry this is so short,,,we're off to look for a replacement dog at the pound.

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