Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Looks like Wildblue is finally getting their thumb out of their @ss

Every one here has a computer hooked to the internet now.
Our usage has been climbing- I think...

I got a notice that we were getting close to our "Fair Access Policy" (FAP) of 7500MEg.
I told them to upgrade me to the select pack at 1200MEG.

It got stuck in the process and I'm fighting them now to have them lift my FAP restrictions (think slowwwwww dial-up speed), fix the damme thing, or give me a price reduction- since it's their fault that they f*d up.

I looked at my FAP usage and it's changing, the 7500 download is gone, but the 8135MEG usage is still there.
Anyway my computer is downloading a little faster than almost cured cement.

I called around, and DirectTV (out cable) is going to come out with their own WiFi later this year- cool I can dump this and get the same speed (better compaired to now) for alot better price.

Anyway, I hear sHillary is going to do her best to torpedo "W" and the guys she just talked to in the sandbox...because she 'knows' better.
Even though she along with Babs Boxer doesn't really have a dog in this fight.
I wonder what the parents of those over there would have to say about 'General' Hillary's troop cap?

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