Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Southern meme

Rednecks ONLY!!!
Chevy Or Ford?Chevy- or Dodge
Copenhagen Or Skoal?Skoal
Beer Or Whiskey?Beer
Jack Or Jim?Jim
Bud Or Coors?Bud- no p*sswater fot me tyvm
Hank Williams Jr. Or Bocephus?Hank
NASCAR Or Golf?Target practice
Football Or Futbal(Soccer)?Football
Big E Or Lil E?Big
Ball Cap Or Cowboy Hat?Depends on what I'm doing
Venison Or Beef?Beef
Ropin Or Wrasslin?Ropin
Dip Or Chew?Chaw
Tatoos Or Scars?scars
American Eagle Or WalMart?The bird
Huntin Or Fishin?Hunting
Day With The Guys On The Lake Or Day Shoppin With Your Better Half?Lake
Skinny-Dippin Or Swim Suit?Skinny with a babe
Drugs Or Jesus?Jesus
Mullet Or Buzz?Buzz
What Is The General Lee?Bo and Luke's Dodge
Cowboys Or Texans?I'd have to go with the Texans- don't like drug addicted convicts
Astros Or Rangers?Rangers
What do You Do After It Rains?Go back to work
How Do You Get Rid Of A Hangover?Who gets hangovers?
When Hungover: Hookey Or School?See above
Rodeo Or Concert?Eight seconds baby
Who Would Win: Foley Or God?God
Will The South Rise Again?It is right now, just lets screen the Yankees comming down


Stolen from Budman!

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