Monday, December 25, 2006

Identity card or cash cow?

If we do get a national identity card, I hope it's not like the Brits are going to use it for.
I have to admit that I'm, ambivilent to the nat'l identity card. I carried one while on active duty- and don't have that much of a problem if it's used for identification purposes only.
We have SSI as a defacto identity number anyway,,,but it's taxpayer funded. It's not ment to be a revenue generator for the government.

People who fail to update their national identity card will be fined a staggering £1,000, it has been revealed.

And it will cost £30 to replace a lost or stolen card or buy a new one if a name needs to be changed, for example when a woman gets married.

A "draconian" regime of fines, which will also include £1,000 for failing to return a dead relative's ID card, is revealed in the latest Government plans for the controversial scheme.


Home Office minister Joan Ryan confirmed charges would apply "if a person wished to add a married surname to his or her register entry". (30 pounds,,,about $60)

Based on an estimated 311,000 marriages a year, these charges alone would rake in up to £9 million a year.

At least £30 would be charged for lost or stolen cards, earning the Treasury more than £28million a year.

Mr Reid also admitted that applicants will be asked for "all current alternative addresses".

A failure to update these details could result in a £1,000 fine.

It is feared millions of students could be hit by the fines, for example if they fail to inform the Government of additional term-time addresses, for example their hall of residence.

And naturally, the real cost will be much more than the guestimated amount. Just look at Bushes' Perscription Drug boondoggle.

According to independent researchers, it will cost £19billion over ten years - nearly four times the £5.4billion budget.

The Government has said people will have to pay £30 for a simple ID card, or more than £90 for one with a passport.

But experts say the actual cost of a combined card could be as high as £300.

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