Friday, February 10, 2012

So, here I am at the computer

Just got done reading mail and was halfway through Mr. Johnson's post about 'Nam (yea, he posted twice in a month!) When I heard something in the wifes computer/craft room.
I looked in and one of the dogs was eating the cat food.


  1. My dogs have been very sad since the cat died.

  2. At least your hound wasn't snarfing the tootsie rolls from the kitteh litter box....

  3. My cats eat the dog's food - and he's scared to go near 'em. The dog pees on - not in - the litter box - retaliation?

  4. The cats eat the dog food, the dogs want the catfood (but usually can't get it), so when we fill bowls- everyone gets a little if the other stuff.


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