Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yeah, that should help

I don't have the stats to prove it, but I seem to be hearing a lot more about people going the wrong way on divided highways lately. Lately as like the last two or three years.

Which kind of co-insides with the increase of traffic and the accidents that increase when you mix all the different crappy driving styles from all the blue states mixing where the economy is still working.

Now TxDOT is going to fix the problem.
They're going to instal flashing lights at every off ramp in the city and radar ...somewhere.

Maybe they could stop more by writing those "exit only" signs in Spanish.


  1. Or they could pass a law against drunk driving. Those big red signs mean the same in English and Spanish. But if you are blind-stinking drunk, you don't see them.

    You can still hate on the Mexicans since they don't seem to think there is anything wrong with drinking and driving (They got to get home somehow).

  2. There are laws against drunk driving.
    Funny how that doesn't work.

  3. Drunk people from other countries don't know that.